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MusiQuest Jr. Children's music classes

children's music classes

See what parents are saying!
''…We love Miss Janet! Mikaela is finishing her second year of MusiQuest and already talking about Level 3! She is very excited to learn to play the recorder. Already she has learned so much. She knows more about music than I do!…''

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See what parents are saying about MusiQuest Jr

My son flourished taking the level 2 class with Janet. Ms Janet kept the class fun and always engaged with the children. He wanted to "go to music class everyday." He has learned over 25 songs to perform. He learned to read music, process and perform. This is by far the best music class I have taken my child to and he will now be moving up to learn recorder this fall!
Thank you Ms. Janet and see you in September!

---Mother of 4 year old Thomas

I'm so happy we joined this music program! Madilyn looks forward to going every week!.. It is more than I expected in a class, they really learn many things & have fun! Highly recommend it!

---Mother of 3 year old Madilyn

Ms Janet was able to translate the complexities of rhythms and notes into easy to understand lessons. My daughter learned more than I thought possible and she now wants to learn the violin!

---Mother of 6 year old Tess

I am very pleased with the class. My son can definitely read the music notes and is confident when playing. The most important thing is he has fun every time we go to class. I definitely recommend this class!

---Mother of 6 year old Timothy

Neil learned more than I could have expected in Level 1 of MusiQuest. It was refreshing to have a music class that taught more of the technical aspects of music rather than just listening and dancing for the entire time. He will benefit from what he has learned tremendously when it comes time for private music lessons.

---Mother of 3 year old Neil

"Jack loved MusiQuest Jr level 2 so much... When we moved across the pond to England Ms. Janet agreed to continue teaching via the internet. Amazing!!!! Thanks to modern technology and Ms. Janet's dedication to teaching music- Jack is reading, understanding, and playing music on his recorder. I would highly recommend this music program to any parent with young children. This program is about so much more than learning songs. It's learning music!"

---Mother of 5 year old Jack

"My son Dylan had a great time at music quest Jr. ! He enjoyed playing new instruments and learning new songs! His favorite class was when he played the violin !"

---Mother of 3 year old Dylan

"We love Miss Janet! Mikaela is finishing her second year of MusiQuest and already talking about Level 3! She is very excited to learn to play the recorder. Already she has learned so much. She knows more about music than I do!"

---Mother of 5 year old Mikaela

"Miss Janet is a wonderful teacher, encouraging and patient. I appreciate the time she put into my sons' musical education. They have gained tremendous knowledge through singing, fun and movement from attending her classes."

---Mother of 5 year old Logan and 8 year old Adam

"Benjamin always said he hated music. He would never sing or dance but Miss Janet and MusiQuest Jr have changed that. Benjamin loves to go to MusiQuest Jr and he loves to practice the songs at home! He has also learned a lot (and I did , too)! He can look at a sheet of music and tell me about the staff, treble clef, different notes, time signature...the list goes on! As we are going into our 3rd year at MusiQuest Jr, I would highly recommend this program to all my friends!"

---Mother of 6 year old Benjamin

"Janet Harney is a natural with little children. I would recommend MusiQuest Jr to any child, musically inclined or not."

---Grandmother of 5 year old Alex

"Janet Harney is a master teacher of small and not so small youngsters. I love to hear her teach."

---Grandmother of 8 year old Sarah

"Ayesha has been very fortunate and has had a great experience learning music from Ms. Janet."

---Mother of 6 year old Ayesha

"Clara sings and hums the tunes of all the songs she learns in class outside of class all the time, and they are even ''in tune''! She's now very interested in learning an instrument."

---Mother of 5 year old Clara

"I like learning the orange music notes and seeing the flute and saxophone and other instruments"

---5 year old Clara

"Caitlyn has learned so much in MusiQuest Jr This was her second year and we are so excited about next year when she learns to play the recorder"

---Mother of 5 year old Caitlyn

"Ms. Janet's class is wonderful. Her patience with the children really helps them to learn & not just play. Briea has learned to read music notes and read music symbols. I am sure she will be quite accomplished in music as she grows older with Ms. Janet's Teaching. I couldn't be happier with the class!"

---Caregiver of 3 year old Briea

"I was amazed at how quickly Rebekah was able to pick up the concepts of music that were taught. WIth her just beginning kindergarten and not being able to read all that well. I was a little nervous but she picked up on it quickly and completely took me by surprise. Coming from a music background myself, I am very excited at the groundwork that has been laid for Rebekah at such a young age and know that this is the beginning of a great future for her in music as well."

---Mother of 6 year old Rebekah

"Janet goes above and beyond a traditional child's music teacher. She gets to know each child as an individual and tailors the class accordingly."

---Mother of 5 year old Braden and 3 year old Karina

"This program was very effective in teaching my child to read music in a short period of time. I was amazed at how much was accomplished: reading rhythms and notes and playing them on an instrument!"

---Mother of 6 year old Caden

"Janet Harney has developed a great music program for children. Both of my children learned how to read music and play the recorder. Janet made it fun with lots of age appropriate activities and songs. I’m proud of what they’ve accomplished, and they’re proud of themselves!"

---Mother of 6 year old Brett and 8 year old Hannah

"Janet relates well to children and helps them learn and appreciate music in a fun and interesting way. Maxton has not only learned rhythms, notes, pitches and songs, he’s also improved his listening and focusing skills. We look forward to music class each week! I’d recommend MusiQuest Jr to any parent looking to foster music in their child’s life."

---Mother of 4 year old Maxton

musiquest jr
musiquest jr musiquest jr musiquest jr